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Today we are going to talk about the comparison between two amazing copywriting tools and Which one is better and why. The best way for you to make the right decision is to take 5 minutes of your day and read this article all the way thru and at the end I would like to introduce you to try one because both of them offer a free trial. Ok, let’s check them both.

A question that many content creators ask themselves: which AI-powered content generation platform should I use? There are a number of different options available, and each offers unique features. In this article, we will compare and to help you make an informed decision about which one is right for your needs!

2 points worth mentioning about these tools:

  • Thanks to OpenAI and its development of conversational artificial intelligence, AI is now affordable for the average individual.
  • The quality of the text generation is excellent.

What is picture is an artificial intelligence tool that writes content for you and finds the most popular content on any topic.

It works by searching through all of the articles written on a specific subject, then sorting them according to popularity and relevance. It even takes into account factors like social media shares, bounce rate, time spent reading etc., which can help you write more engaging content that your audience wants to read!

If you are someone who is struggling with writing high-quality content then this is the perfect tool for you. has a library of over 30 million articles and is being used by business owners all over the world to write content for their websites.

Want an example? Here’s how it works: will automatically generate content based on what it knows about your customers, your business goals, and industry trends. It will then choose the perfect sentence to convert into a CTA so you can get started with creating quality content on your website!

The best part is that this tool automates the process of crafting compelling copy for lead generation and landing pages. With you can create a unique call-to-action in less than 30 seconds. Main Benefits

  • Save hours writing perfect original content
  • No need to think of new topics
  • Generate content in minutes with data-driven copy that converts
  • Automatically generate CTAs based on what you know about your customers, business goals, and industry trends
  • Pricing €19 per month for personal use (includes one year
  • Translate content in 11-languages
  • Let artificial intelligence write you original compelling blog posts, Facebook ads, google ads, product descriptions, perfect headlines, amazon product descriptions, brainstorm different marketing angles and so much more. Key Features

What makes special is its ability to write blog posts that rank high.

With, you can generate content in minutes with data-driven copy that converts. To help your business grow exponentially, Conversion.AI will automatically generate CTAs based on what you know about your customers and industry trends.

If you don’t have any skills or time to write the content yourself, will do it for you. also writes blog posts, Facebook ads, and Google Ads on your behalf. is a copywriting tool that will keep you from wasting time writing the same things over and over again by giving you new article ideas 24/hrs/day. With it’s easy to write perfect headlines with just one click of a button. What people like the most is that you can generate content in minutes with data-driven copy that converts. Writing content has never been easier.

This is the best copywriting tool you’ll find because it’s a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs. Not only does create content, but it also integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to help generate data-driven CTAs that bring in qualified leads on autopilot 24/hrs/day!

Quick Look On How it Works

AIDA Framework


The AIDA app can be used to generate conversions by simply entering the name of your company or product and describing it briefly.

To use this, just enter your company’s name, say what it is in one sentence, and press “Generate” button.

Easily get five different templates in a matter of moments, then select which one offers the best presentation of your business. This copywriting tool offers you the chance to easily create a presentation for your product or service with just a few clicks of your mouse, and not have to worry about any of the technical aspects which makes it a one-of-a-kind.

Facebook Ad Primary Text

Generating high converting headlines, subheadlines, and descriptions for your Facebook ads is now a breeze thanks to

Coming up with copy ideas for your advertisements is so much easier when you use this Ai tool.

Long Form Assistant


Long-form assistants are often called “ghostwriters.” They provide a service to authors who don’t have the time, skills or desire to write their own blog post, ads, books etc… These ghostwriters will do all aspects of writing for you, including developing your outline and structuring it into chapters according to your specifications.

This writing service will allow you to quickly write articles, blog posts, emails and books without worrying about anything else.

Writing long-form content gets so much easier when you have a professional ghostwriter.

Writing long-form content is now within your reach.

Their experience also means that they can produce content that is targeted to specific audiences and which has a unique voice, ensuring you don’t get lost in the crowd.

What is picture

So what is Copy AI? Copy AI provides automated copywriting services produced by GPT-3.

Copy AI is an AI copywriting robot that uses deep learning to write better marketing content. You can use it for 6 different tasks, social media posts, blog content, website copy, product descriptions for e-commerce, sales copy and digital ads,  These are all key pieces of content that help generate revenue.

If Copy AI can perform these tasks better than a freelance marketer, then they’re offering a pretty tantalizing value proposition.

Their solution would be less expensive and eliminate the time-consuming need to communicate, review, and approve work. Main Benefits

  • Multilingual content: supports more than 20 languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Chinese!
  • Mobile-friendly design: It’s easy on your eyes with our mobile interface that automatically resizes to fit any screen size!
  • Copywriting process is faster thanks to a visual editor where you can see what
  • 24/7 email support
  • Flexible pricing: You can buy a monthly subscription for as low as $14.99/month, or get unlimited use with our annual plan that is only $197!
  • Tons of copywriting templates and examples available
  • is a platform that helps small businesses and entrepreneurs with their copywriting needs. It can be used by beginners or professionals alike.
  • Personally, I prefer but I want you to check both of them for free and make a great decision on which one should you use. Key Features

If your goal is to write just FB, Google headlines, and primary text then is all you need, it has the best copywriting templates for your needs. I found it not very good at writing long blog posts.’s pricing is very affordable and has a lot of features for the price you are paying. The copywriting templates will make your job easier since it gives you an idea on how to write headlines or blog posts. It might not be as good at long-form content but it’s great with a short copy so you need to decide what is your goal.

If you need to write long-form content like blog posts, will not be able to help with that since it has limited features and templates for this type of work so I would recommend instead because they have a lot more features than but the pricing might be a little bit more. But in the end is better to pay few dollars more and get better quality of work. vs Pricing

One of the first things that you want to think about when using is how much it costs. Conversion-ai’s pricing model is very simple and straightforward. It has a single plan with two different offerings: Basic and Pro. The basic plan starts at $49 per month, whereas the pro package goes for $100. starts at $35 with a 7-day free trial.

Top 8 Reasons to Start Using AI Writing Tools

It makes writing faster

Finding the perfect way of word, sentence structure can be hard. But you can type things as they come out from your brain right into these tools and it will show a better alternative to say it.

AI writing tools can help you find new topics or ideas to write about.

If you need to write something, but can’t find any good ideas you just type in a keyword and it will come up with many article topics on that topic for you to choose from.

These AI copywriting tools are especially useful when coming up with content for your blog or website because they have the ability to generate more creative content.

Fun is the first thing that comes to mind about using writing AI.

I used to dread the writing process, but now I have begun to enjoy it. If I get stuck at any level from an idea or sentence on down, I get unstuck in 10 seconds by using this tool.

Plagiarism Detection

Tools that operate based on AI algorithms can detect possible plagiarism and offer suggestions for rectifying it. Writing content is now easier because you can use AI algorithms to detect plagiarism.

The algorithm captures a person’s tone, vocabulary, and sentence structure in order to help them write better content without having as much difficulty with coming up with ideas or structuring sentences.

Ai writing tools are also useful for people who don’t have time to research topics.

Content Evaluation

Poor use of transition words, passive voice, and long sentences and paragraphs will make it less likely that your site will show up on the first few pages of Google.

In addition, Artificial Intelligence tools make your articles more discoverable. These types of AI-powered writing tools are now considered standard and even critical for writers who use online services.

Better ads

Artificial Intelligence is now a part of the content creation process for most companies because it’s too expensive to write and organize all that material by hand.

AI makes ads more authentic, which reduces bounce rates and improves click-throughs on links from Facebook or Google Ads..

Content rewriting

One of the top 10 amazing benefits this tool provides is they rewrite content that is already out there. It has a crawler that goes out there and finds content. All you have to do is copy and paste the content you want to be rewritten and click re-phrase! That’s it!

AIDA Framework

Content moderation is no longer an issue when you have ai tools on your side. These tools can generate interactive messages in seconds and also give you templates to strike the perfect chord with your audience

AIDA is a formula commonly used for marketing products or companies through strategies that focus on capturing attention, stimulating interest, developing a desire to buy and complete an action (such as purchasing the product).

These 4 steps capture readers’ attention through the headline and will make them keen on knowing your product or service.

Which Software Should You Use?

Writing blog posts to this day has never been easier. We can be so happy that we are living in this time where ai can write blog posts, Facebook ads, etc. for us.

Ai.copywriting tools have come such a long way.
Both are great software that will help you become a better writer, but they both have their own pros and cons.

If you’re a total beginner it’s ok because both have their own “Learn” sites that teach you everything you need to know but I found easier to use, navigate, more user-friendly, and in my opinion writes better content.

How artificial intelligence writing works?

I’ll try to give you a brief summary of what this means.

Artificial intelligence or AI is the branch of computer science that deals with intelligent behavior, such as learning and problem-solving. Artificial Intelligence is also used for generating text using neural network algorithms which try to imitate human language patterns by observing real-life writing online. This technology is able to generate content that is personal, engaging, and fluent.

The major benefit of artificial intelligence writing software is the high level of automation it offers – the process can be completely automated from start to finish which eliminates all time-consuming tasks such as research or link checking. This means you will have more free hours for other important aspects to focus on. Written content is not duplicated and is unique for each individual customer, which guarantees a higher ROI in terms of sales.

AI copywriting also offers a faster turnaround time than other traditional copywriters. The technology can create content on even the most complex topics like technical manuals or user guides and still maintain its readability to an average reader with no prior knowledge of this subject matter. The best thing is that it really makes your life easier if you’re a part of the digital marketing world.

What can write for you?

  • Blog post outlines
  • Facebook ads
  • product descriptions
  • SEO – title and meta descriptions
  • google ads
  • emails
  • youtube video titles
  • youtube script hook and introduction
  • video descriptions
  • and much more

Generate High-Quality Content

AI writes high-quality content on many topics such as technical manuals, user guides, and much more. It’s the best option for marketers because of its faster turnaround time and quality content that is readable to readers who have no prior knowledge of this subject matter. Robots write content that is engaging, informative, and relevant to what a customer might be looking for. How they can write is through a process called machine learning, which is the way that artificial intelligence learns without being told.

– AI understands what your content should be about and can write it in any style you need including journalistic or technical styles.

– The quality of content will improve over time as more data is collected on how people interact with the text.

It is important to remember that AI can still only follow instructions and cannot think like a human brain so it must be given guidance on how to create quality text. It is very advanced and able to analyze text and understand the context of a sentence, but it needs help with grammar. It has advanced algorithms that make articles, headlines, product descriptions, and other content to meet business needs.

Creating high-quality content is a difficult task requiring a lot of time and effort from whoever is writing it. It can be very frustrating to write content that’s engaging, informative, and grammatically correct. AI does not have feelings or emotions so when we use AI for quality assurance purposes. Ai writes content that is unique, engaging, and accurate.

Write Blog Posts That rank high

SEO tool surfer is integrated with to help you write high-ranking blog posts. It will show you which keywords to use in your blog post to create SEO-optimized content. This integration really makes SEO a lot easier. If you’re someone who does not have a lot of experience in the SEO industry then is a no-brainer that you should check it out. With writing quality blog posts that can rank high has become available to everyone who does not want to spend hundreds of dollars paying other people to write blog posts for them.

How To Write Long Blog Post In Seconds?

jarvis-long form-content

Writing blog posts has never been easy as it is now. Jarvis offers a different way of writing a blog post that does not take time off your day to write long posts but instead makes you do the task in just seconds.

Jarvis lets bloggers focus on what’s important: their content and connecting with people who find them interesting. They can spend more time doing things that are more important for them.

Jarvis is the perfect solution for bloggers who want to write long blog posts but don’t have time, they can just type in what they are thinking and Jarvis does all the work of putting together that post.

  1. Describe in a few words content you want to create
  2. Jarvis will write your title for you.
  3. Write your ideas down into a paragraph or let Jarvis help you generate ideas
  4. Click generate

And just like that that you have a blog post.


Now I hope you have a better understanding of the vs battle. At the end of the day, both and are great tools that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. The only real question is how much time do you have available or what kind of budget constraints do you have? Both are easy to use and have a lot of great features. If I were you I first check because they have a good free trial and you can always upgrade later. If you have any questions do not hesitate and send me an email!

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