DoodleMaker Vs Doodly: Which One Should You Use?

DoodleMaker Vs Doodly: Which One Should You Use?

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“Video content is KING” We all heard about this. Some sooner other later. It’s a perfect tool for attracting visitors to your store, site..and telling them about the benefits and features of your product.
In this doodlemaker vs doodly review, you will get a better understanding of which animation software should you use for yourself or your business.

If you’re a business owner, freelancer, social media manager, or anyone who does some kind of marketing than is no brainer that you need to incorporate videos in your marketing plan. Animated – Explainer videos rose so high in popularity these last few years due to their effectiveness in growing a business. 

Online software such as DoodleMaker and Doodly is among the best platforms out there that provide the tools needed to create simple and amazingly realistic doodle animation videos. The software allows anyone without any technical skill or special knowledge to create truly world-class doodle videos.

What Is DoodleMaker?

Doodle Maker is a world’s first Doodle Video creation software that uses artificial intelligence to allow anyone, regardless of technical skills, age, or design skills to effortlessly create spectacular, realistic and professional Doodle Videos within minutes and in just 3 clicks.

Artificial Intelligence automatically transform any content into beautiful doodle videos in any language.
Includes Award-Winning Technologies like Unlimited Text-To-Speech, Language Translation, Fully Loaded Asset Library & More For Effortless Video Creation.

You can check out my comprehensive DoodleMaker review that outlines all the amazing features that come with the program.

What Is Doodly?

Doodly is a video animation software to create whiteboard, green board, blackboard, and glass board animation videos. It comes with 200+ custom poses, hundreds of characters, sounds, images and fonts. You can create unlimited high-quality videos, record your voice-over directly from doodly’s dashboard and you don’t need any technical skill to get started.

This video animation software allows you to easily create videos with nothing but your computer and internet connection. These videos can be whiteboard, blackboard, or glass board animation videos where the video will have pre-made people, objects, and music – which you can also upload yourself! The process for creating these types of videos are simple: just drag and drop an object in one spot on the screen then move it somewhere else (no coding required). Save them quickly through their easy export button after uploading even more places such as Youtube, Facebook, or Instagram.

DoodleMaker Vs Doodley: Comparing Features

DoodleMaker Features

Doodly Features


How To Use Video Animation Software?

How to use doodlemaker?

Doodlemaker is a simple tool for creating customized videos. The three methods to use this software are: using an already made template, starting from scratch, and the third option being AI video translation Engine. Once you’re done with your masterpiece created in Doodle maker, just save it as well download in any required format or pixel size!

How to use doodly?

Doodly is an online video maker that allows you to choose a type of board, scenes, and props. Once you’re done with the selection start adding characters according to your requirements by giving them voiceovers. Save at this point will export it without any previewing abilities which means that there’s no way for one to do adjustments before exporting it in its current form unless they make another account or go through their tutorial again on how best to edit videos once exported from Doodley.

Can Both Get The Job Done?

Yes, both doodlemaker and doodly can get a job done. Both are easy to use, have great features, and videos are created in minutes.

However, in my humble opinion, I would go with doodlemaker. Why? Because offers so many different features, it uses the power of artificial intelligence and it was released in August 2020. It is amazing, new software with awesome features.

Some people prefer one over another but no matter which one you choose, in the end, you will get professional animated videos.

If you are just starting out, doodlemaker is great for simple animations. For more complicated projects, doodly will be best.

A lot of people use doodly but do not realize doodle maker exists. Of course with doodly anyone can create amazing whiteboard animation videos but at the end of the day, we all want animation software that is easy to use and have a lot of good templates we can choose from so my vote goes to doodlemaker. I have been using doodly for quite some time now but when doodlemaker came out I’m using doodly much less than before. So I encourage you to check out both of them and see for yourself with which one you can make better videos

”Action is a foundational key to success” Pablo Picasso

Take Action Towards Your Goal & Start Creating Your Doodle Videos Today!

Doodly vs Doodlemaker: Pricing

DoodleMaker and Doodly both have different plans that you can choose from. The plan that is suitable for you will depend on your needs and the size of your business.

DoodleMaker as a brand-new software and has a limited-time offer that gives complete lifetime access to the software for just $49 if you use Coupon Code “doodle” at the checkout page otherwise is $67.

Meanwhile, Doodly offers two separate plans – Standard and Enterprise.

You can compare what you will get from each of these plans before making a purchase decision. The Enterprise plan is better than the Standard Plan and gives you access to the doodly club where you get new characters & images every month.

Both these plans are available for monthly and annual subscriptions.

For Monthly subscriptions: Standard Plan costs $39 per month and Enterprise Plan costs $69 per month.

For Annual subscriptions: Standard Plan costs $20 per month and Enterprise Plan costs $40 per month (billed annually).

You can save more when you choose an annual subscription.

Who Should Use Video Animation Software?

If you are a freelancer, content creator, digital marketer, social media manager, teacher, etc…then you should definitely have video animation software.

The benefits of using this type of software are that you can have a more personalized and engaging product/service, communicate with your audience on an emotional level, increase engagement rates as well as conversion rates for better results.

Put simply: it’s the next best thing for modern-day marketing! There is no downside to take a look at this animation software. Make your videos more interesting and less boring.

What Excatly is Whiteboard Video?

Whiteboard animations are a unique type of presentation that uses clever drawing and narration to engage the audience. They can vary in complexity, from stop motion videos using multiple drawings on one frame to time-lapse sequences with just two or three pictures for each second of video animation.

Animated video has been a revolutionary tool in marketing, education, and more. But what about the “whiteboard” version? Whiteboard animation offers an engaging way to tell stories – whether you’re trying to share your personal story with friends or propose new ideas at work. The whiteboarding process is simple: just draw on the board (or use pre-existing objects), record it all as one continuous shot using these steps for best results; then upload this raw material into any software that will allow you animate drawings like Adobe After Effects.

Whiteboards are not only known for their usefulness when brainstorming but also because they offer another type of animated content where many people can relate to! 

Whiteboard animations are a popular and effective type of animated video used for presentations where the presenter narrates while drawing on an otherwise blank whiteboard. Whiteboards allow presenters to tell engaging stories through diagrams or drawings with different effects, such as time-lapse or stop motion animation. These videos have become more commonplace in recent years because they’re easy to create but also very compelling when watched by audiences – especially children who enjoy seeing how things work!

Are There Other Animation Video Software?

Besides these two amazing pieces of software, there is also two good whiteboard animation software you can take a look at. The first one is Toonly and the other is Videoscribe. With these two you can create and publish videos in a way that is quite different from the other two.

Toonly allows you to animate content directly on your device by drawing and editing images, then publishing it on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube. Videoscribe offers an interactive workspace for creating animations through illustrated storyboards. Click HERE to check the comparison between Toonly and Doodlemaker.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is There A Money Back Guarantee? Yes, both DoodleMaker and Doodly offer a 30-day money-back if you’re not satisfied for any reason.
  2. Can I Sell The Videos I Create? Yes. Both including commercial rights so you can sell your videos to anyone as often as you want.
  3. What Makes DoodleMaker Stand Out? Artificial Intelligence, 300 ready-made video templates, text-to-speech, 1-click language translation.
  4. Do They Offer Support & Tutorials? Yes. You can contact them 24/7 and they got you covered with proper training.
  5. Does DoodleMaker Let Me Create Videos Longer Than 15 minutes? YES! Doodlemaker lets you create unlimited videos so if you want more length you just create multiple videos and attached them together. And yes they have a step-by-step video tutorial to guide you thru everything.
  6. Is there another software out there with the same benefits? Yes, VideoScribe. and Toonly.Check our DoodleMaker vs VideoScribe comparison HERE, and see also toonly vs doodlemaker.

DoodleMaker vs Doodly: Conclusion

Doodly is more versatile than DoodleMaker’s templates. Doodly includes a voiceover recording option, which lets the user choose between both male and female voices in their video. In contrast, DoodleMaker lacks this feature; instead they offer TTS (text-to-speech) Feature by Amazon Polly to create robotic speech for narrations or captions – something that isn’t as engaging with viewers as an actual human speaking into the camera lens would be!

DoodleMaker is a brand new software that makes the creation of animated doodle videos easier than ever before. This revolutionary technology features artificial intelligence and quickly creates your video in less time with more options to choose from!

The Doodly software is a great way to express your thoughts or ideas through videos that can be used on blogs, social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. It’s easy for small agencies, teachers bloggers and educators because it has many options they would want in their content with the ability of being interactive for audiences who watch them. The price starts at 39 dollars per month which might seem expensive but if you use this tool frequently as an agency or educator then its worth every penny from how much time saved alone!


If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!

DoodleMaker vs Doodly: Extra Questions & Answers

Is doodlemaker better than doodly?

In my opinion, a doodle maker is better than a doodly because you can do so much more. You are not limited to just drawing shapes, you can create your own custom color scheme and editing tools with which to be creative!

You get a ton of pre-made templates you can choose from and they are all really great looking!

You can also export your drawings to a video or save them as an image.

Additionally, you get access to so many helpful tutorials which will teach you how to create some amazing things with a doodle maker!

Doodlemaker is better because it allows for more creativity and the pre-made templates look amazing.

Can I use Doodly for FREE?

The Doodly software is not for free but the company does offer a free trial of its services. Pricing starts at $39 per month so is quite available to a lot of people.

What is sketch and who is it for?

Whether you want to explain something complex or promote your product or idea, sketch videos are a great way to do it.

– Sketch video is an animated video that tells your product or service’s story in fun and engaging ways

– The benefits of sketch video include: an inclusive design for all users, increased engagement due to the humorous nature of animations, and reduced cognitive load from watching videos because sometimes they are hard to follow

– Sketch videos should be used for product promotion, teaching complicated concepts, or to explain a process and the steps involved.

How to create sketch videos?

It is very simple to create sketch videos with a doodlemaker. You can use doodle maker to create animated gifs of your sketches, animations, and illustrations on paper then upload them directly to social media channels or share the link with friends and family.

The best thing about using a doodle maker is you don’t need any animation software! Even if you don’t have any experiences you can create sketch videos with a doodlemaker.

Short animation videos take about a minute to create on paper, then you can upload them to the web in seconds! Share your sketch video link with friends and family via email or text message or post it directly onto social media channels like Facebook.

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