DoodleMaker vs VideoScribe: Which One Suits You Best?

DoodleMaker vs VideoScribe: Which One Suits You Best?

With the growing technological advancements we make daily, we’ve continued to enjoy numerous programs that have brought both convenience and better innovation in our lives. Video animation is just one of them.

In just a short time of using this program, we’ve managed to out the two best options, i.e. DoodleMaker and Videoscribe. However, when it comes to the comparison of DoodleMaker vs Videoscribe, things get a little tough. Both software allow users to easily animate their stories and significantly engage the intended audience.

Whether you are an animator, a marketer, or an educator, these two software work great for you. However, each software also boasts its unique features. Therefore, it’s important to carefully examine these features to determine which software will work best for you.

What Is DoodleMaker?

DoodleMaker is an animation video creation software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to create awesome doodle videos in up to 60 different languages and you can choose from more than 160 realistic human voices so you can attract global audiences with ease. With doodlemaker you can create unlimited videos and choose from more than 300+ ready-made templates. This software is the first-to-market that uses Artificial Intelligence to simplify video creation to save you hours of your time.

What Is VideoScribe?

Videoscribe on the other end is whiteboard animation software. The Videoscribe software normally features a voice-over explainer for the story, product, or idea you are trying to share. Unlike other doodle software, Videoscribe is designed with 9 different background styles rather than formats. These background styles offer different textures to choose from.

Which One Should You Use?

Your choice depends on what software profile you need. DoodleMaker comes with the benefit of three different video converted formats which makes it great for content creators, salespeople, lead generation, freelancing, and social media advertising for added creativity and engagement.

Videoscribe software allows people with little or no experience at all to use it. This does not mean that Doodlemaker isn’t beginner-friendly which is a lot but from my experience, Videoscribe is a little bit more beginner-friendly.  Built with a fully stocked library of images and music, the software allows users to use these files without having to create new content. Furthermore, its whiteboard design makes it quite popular among users. 

We know is kinda hard to make a decision on which one you should use so maybe you want to take a look at another great doodle animation software Doodleoze. To make a better decision check our DoodleMaker vs Doodly review or Doodleoze vs DoodleMaker – battle of the giants.


Comparing Features


As previously stated, DoodleMaker is built with three different backgrounds that include whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board switcher.

Videoscribe on the other end boasts 9 background styles rather than formats – characterized by the textures and color contrast. This means that you can change the background color and apply a vignette effect.


DoodleMaker is built with over 300 whiteboard, blackboard, and glass board video templates that you can customize.

Videoscribe on the other end has more variety with up to 6000+ image templates to choose from. You can also customize them by altering the text, music, and voiceover. You even have the choice to pick from its arsenal of up to 190 royalty-free music and 60 different font styles.

Video Sharing

The DoodleMaker software is designed with a 720 or 1080 Full HD capability to allow you to directly publish your videos to Youtube and Vimeo.

Similar to DoodleMaker, Videoscribe allows you to export your final video version to YouTube. 


To make it easier and convenient for more people to use the software, the DoodleMaker is available for use in over 60 different languages. To translate your video, all you have to do is paste the YouTube URL or upload the video, and convert the video into the language you want using voice commands or its built-in AI translation engine.

Videoscribe on the other end boasts more limited options; allowing you to use it in English, Spanish, and American English.

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How Much Do They Cost?

The main difference between the commercial and enterprise plan for the DoodleMaker software is the amount of data you can share. The Commercial version allows you to export an HD video with a maximum duration of 6 minutes.

The Enterprise version on the other end allows you to download Full HD videos of up to 15 minutes in length. Additionally, along with the pricing plan, you can choose to pay for the optional upgrades for a one-time payment. These include;

Upgrade #1: Doodle Maker White label – $497

Upgrade #2: Doodle Maker Deluxe – $49

Upgrade #3: Toon Video Maker Video Maker App – $39

Upgrade #4: Client Engine App – $29

Furthermore, paying for the plan comes with a bonus. The bonus package includes access to the royalty-free image and music library valued at $197 each, a commercial license to monetize and sell your doodle video services to clients, and unlimited doodle video creation. However, Doodlemaker software doesn’t offer a free trial plan. Videoscribe on the other end offers a 7-day free trial.

Who Is It For?


In the DoodleMaker vs Videoscribe comparison, each software brings its perks. Whilst DoodleMaker offers more affordability and bonus packages, the Videoscribe software is more friendly for beginners and the non-tech savvies. Additionally, Videoscribe offers a wide selection of resources such as images and videos to choose from more than DoodleMaker.

Your choice depends on how each feature appeals to you. For example, if you are on a budget, DoodleMaker is an obvious option to go for. However, if you want more variety for building your animation videos, Videoscribe is a better option.

Before you decide I want to invite you to check another great animation video software toonly.

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