GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign –  Which One Should You Use?

GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign – Which One Should You Use?


Getresponse vs ActiveCampaign, two amazing email marketing software that everyone should have known if deciding which email marketing software they should use for their business.

Today you will learn key features between Getresponse and ActiveCampaign so you can make a better decision on which one should you use

Growth in e-mail marketing software has allowed companies satisfying communication between themselves and their customers. This became a deeply personal and accurate way of communication that develops their companies in a very patient but accurate way.

What Excatly Is Email Marketing

You might be wondering what email marketing is. Email Marketing is the use of email to promote products or services while developing relationships with potential customers and clients. It’s essentially direct mail done electronically instead of through postal service like snail mail, but it has more perks than just getting a letter in your mailbox! There are three different types: Push-based where you target people who have given their contact information (like an eCommerce site), pull-based which targets specific groups they’re interested in (pertains to blogger contacts), and ‘in between’ type that uses both push AND pulls methods together.”

Email marketing can range from being simple text updates about new items available on store shelves, discounts offered by stores, or newsletters sent out for customer appreciation campaigns;

How Email Marketing Works?

With email marketing, a small businesses can grow by sending a newsletter to customers and prospects. The software makes it easy for you to set up an automated promotional campaign so that if people haven’t made purchases recently they’re still getting updates about the company!

Email marketing is a great way to keep your customers updated on the latest deals at all times. Not only can you send automated promotional emails, but also email newsletters are a simple and effective way for companies to communicate with their customer base directly. Email software makes it easy for business owners by offering them an interface that simplifies both sending and arranging content management systems in one place so they don’t have to worry about creating new messages or managing lists separately from other important tasks involved with running their company which may include checking sales numbers, tracking stock levels, hiring more employees as needed etc.,

 With email marketing, you can target specific groups of people or even individual customers with personalized birthday deals on merchandise or services in order to create an “ideal customer” experience that increases profits by reminding them of how much they love the store while at the same time encouraging purchases from new potential clients!

GetResponse - Email Marketing Software

GetResponse is an email marketing platform that was found in 1998. It is headquartered in Gdansk, Poland.

This platform is developed to enable their customers to create a marketing list of business partners and clients, and therefore, build up a successful relationship with them which will help them get satisfying profit for their companies.

GetResponse Pros & Highlights

When it comes to the qualities of GetResponse email marketing software, we can list a very decent number of its strengths and characters: 

  • GetResponse offers various quality automation features which allow their customers to build automated funnels by dragging and dropping funnel builder.
  • Gathering information from web customers are very achievable as landing pages do not require any extra payment
  • Each of the webinars possesses various high-quality features, and therefore customers do not require third-party services.
  • GetResponse provides customers wide functionality and in detail accurate features. With assistance from A/B testing, each part of customer marketing is constantly developing.
  • GetResponse Support is reachable every time of the day or night for any help or assistance for their users.
  • Given its options and benefits, GetResponse makes an incredibly good profit by investing in marketing

GetResponse Cons and downfalls

GetResponse email marketing software includes many strengths but only one flaw can be considered. And that flaw would be that GetResponse is not reachable through SMS or chats and their interface being a bit overcrowded in their new update.

GetResponse Key Features

  1. Creating Landing pages on any GetResponse plan and is accessible through all devices even cell phones.
  2. Includes Customer Management Tools which are useful to develop their customers’ relationship.
  3. With GetResponse you can easily create Webinars in less than a minute.
  4. Autoresponders, which are messages or emails that are being automatically sent to the users, depending on their activity on the store.
  5. Autofunnel, a feature that developed GetRespone to eCommerce business, previously being email marketing software.
  6. A feature that allows users to examine the efficiency and effectiveness of a certain email or an auto funnel is called Split-Testing.
  7. To maintain the performance of an online business, GetResponse includes Analytics as one of its key features.

GetResponse How Much Does It Cost?

GetRespone includes four payment options and each offers distinctive features and thus different cost: 

    1. The Basic plan allows you to have a maximum of 1000 subscribers and an unlimited number of emails sent to users on a previously made list. This plan is worth $15 per month.
    2. The Plus plan also includes a maximum of 1000 subscribers but also provides customers with webinars, sales funnels webinar funnels, and every feature from the basic plan and is $49 on monthly basis.
    3. The Professional plan features would include cost-free webinars and 300 visitors, with the email list not being changed, leaving it with 1000 subscribers. This plan costs $99 per month.
    4. Lastly, The Enterprise plan, the most expensive as it comes to $1,199 per month, but grows the subscribing list to over 100,000, brings you an account manager feature and all other features from the previous plans.

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GetResponse Integration

GetResponse is a wonderful service that can help you save time and grow your business. Create an account with them today, then connect it to any of the following platforms: CRM, e-commerce or CMS. That way all new contacts will be routed appropriately which allows for easy data management- because who doesn’t like keeping things up to date? You’ll also have the opportunity to personalize customer journeys as well as using marketing automation workflows!

It’s very easy to integrate Getreponse with any app on the web. All you have to do is go to your Getresponse account page, find the Integrations tab and pick out one option.

The best part about this is that you can integrate with any app on the web.

ActiveCampaign - Email Marketing Software

ActiveCampaign is a customer experience automation platform that helps businesses meaningfully engage with their customers. The company has over 130,000 active clients in 170 countries and 500+ pre-built automations to help small businesses segment and personalize communications across social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter; email marketing systems such as Mailchimp; chat programs like Skype or WhatsApp etcetera. Activecampaign integrates seamlessly with 850 more popular software packages including Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce CRM system, Square Point of Sale Software Programmer Kit (POS) services for retail sales transactions – all at an affordable starting rate of $9/month per user!

ActiveCampaign was found in Chicago, Illinois and its headquarters are based there, and it was founded by Jason VandeBoom in 2003.

As ActiveCampaing being a cloud software, its marketing and sales automation are also based on cloud software and provide features for email marketing, lead scoring, and web analytics. Also enables its customers to participate in live chatting, and makes the communication platform very accessible.

ActiveCampaign Pros & Higlights

Such a company as ActiveCapmaing, over the years, has developed and brought its system to a whole new level and thus including many of the strengths.

  • ActiveCampaign has a wide choice of automation tools that are required for personalizing campaigns as well as maintaining sales.
  • ActiveCampaing has been brought to a basic level, allowing everyone who is inexperienced to easily maintain with software, regardless of their previous experience.
  • Precise and accurate deliverability rate, meaning all sent emails will arrive at intended recipients.
  • It offers you to transfer all your data from one to the other email marketing service or CRM for free, in case it comes to changing emails.
  • Automation features are easily maintained for marketing purposes.
  • ActiveCampaing offers effective learning to its users and its teams, on how to consume their time with the most appropriate tools

ActiveCampaign Cons & Downfalls

Mentioning its downsides, they would be obvious. Offering a high number of features in most cases is great, but it also makes it difficult for newbies and smaller business companies that need the least complex email marketing feature to maintain their business.

ActiveCampaing does not include a landing page, therefore customers will require a third-party landing page.

ActiveCampaign Key Features

As it was mentioned, ActiveCampaing consists of a substantial number of marketing tools and features and some of them would include:

Email marketing service and Subscription Forms, as well as Dynamic Content and the unique feature Email segmentation.

But when it comes to key features, we can discuss more about: 

  • Marketing Automation, that’s a unique tool that saves users time and assists with automating entire marketing processes.
  • The feature that allows users to follow leads and customers, and by using automation, to significantly improve the processes is known as Sales and CRM.
  • Messaging feature is particularly important as it allows an effortless way of communication between customers no matter where they are and can be reachable at any time.
  • Machine Learning is based on predicting, meaning it will automatically deliver automated emails to given addresses at the wanted time.

ActiveCampaign Integration

What if you could have a more streamlined and powerful experience with your software? Well, ActiveCampaign makes this possible through integrations. Integrating into other platforms allows for seamless data transfer between all of the tools in your arsenal. Let’s say that you want to sync up contacts from Shopify or automatically send messages after someone purchases something on one of their sites; these are just some examples out of many different use cases where integration would be perfect!

By utilizing the power of integrations, you can save time and energy by seamlessly bringing in data from one application to another. You’ll be able to automate processes like sending follow-ups as well!

ActiveCampaign: How Much Does it Cost?

As well as GetResponse, Active Campaign also offers their users four different plans that they can use on monthly basis and those would include: 

  • The Lite Plan – Price is $17 and available in the packet is 1000 subscribers. This plan allows users to send as many emails or messages as you can. Then, email marketing, marketing automation, and newsletters as well as chat and email support. Also, this plan allows a maximum of 3 users on the same account.
  • The Plus plan – Offers 1000 contacts, and consists of everything from the lite plan with addition to CRM, contact and lead scoring, deep data integrations, customer user permission, custom branding, one on one training, SMS marketing, conditional content, and a maximum of 25 users linked to the same account. Using this plan costs, you $49 per month.
  • The Professional Plan– Is about $129 monthly, with existing 1000 contacts. Includes both previous plans and Site messaging, attribution, predictive sending, win probability, split automation, and a maximum of 50 users for the account.
  • The Enterprise Plan – Includes all previously mentioned plans in addition to custom reporting, custom mail server domain, custom domain, dedicated account rep, in-depth onboarding, free design services, free social data, phone assistance, uptime SLA and unlimited users linked to the same account. This plan costs $229 on monthly basis.

Activecampaign vs Getresponse: Which one Should You Use?

If you are looking for an email marketing software that is easy to use and offers a great user experience, then GetResponse is the right choice. It’s also ideal if you need a powerful automation tool with unlimited sends per month or want to send up to 200 emails in one go without any limitations on how many people you can reach at once!

GetResponse does offer a free 14-day trial to make sure you are happy before committing.

If what you want is an email marketing software that offers more flexibility in terms of pricing, then ActiveCampaign may be the better option for your business!

Which One Is Better For a Beginner?

Regarding this article, new users starting with the smaller or medium-sized businesses should begin with GetResponse as it has variable features.

Also, this email marketing company has slightly better learning tools which will help new users to come closer to the email marketing branch and provide their companies bigger and better improvement.

What Do We Recommend?

Comparing GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign is very delicate, considering the strength and opportunities both companies provide. Depending on users’ business and their goals different recommendations would be proposed.

For instance, if customers are looking to work with webinars then GetRespone would be the right choice. They give various marketing options and are one of a few marketing options that collide with webinars.

On the other hand, as mentioned, users that have begun their business and do not require webinars should stick with ActiveCampaing. It is much less complex and has the power of communication through messages and SMS, which are needed in some urgent cases.


The overall impression is straightforward. Email marketing is crucial in business development and it is indeed, terrific value for money.

It is difficult to say which is the better email marketing company considering the qualities of both parties. Sometimes, it is enough to just read information and which features ActiveCampaign and GetResponse offer you. And, everyone can find the best way to improve the development of their company’s marketing.

Online users need to realistically look at the whole situation of the business, their team, and goals and decide where to go next, depending on whether they are starters, having a small or medium-sized business, or some massive companies that have already hit an elevated level when it comes to development and firm structure of the company.

We hope that our GetResponse vs ActiveCampaign comparison has given you enough knowledge to make a better decision on which one should you use for your or your clients business. 

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If you have any questions please feel free to contact us anytime!

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